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One of the earliest VFX companies established in New Zealand, PRPVFX Ltd has contributed to over 100 projects since 2001 and been nominated for an Emmy Award.

PRPVFX Ltd creates visual effects for projects ranging from the factual to the fantastical. This includes: feature films, short films, television series, theme park attractions, documentaries, music videos, and commercials. PRPVFX Ltd promises to deliver the visual effects for your project to the highest quality, on time and to budget.

The talented team at PRPVFX Ltd not only can do great Visual effects for your project but also can coordinate and manage your TV or FILM VFX requirements from start to finish. This can involve doing script breakdowns, creating VFX databases for the project or providing experienced on-set supervision.

​PRPVFX Ltd was established in 1998 as the matte painting department of Pacific Renaissance Pictures for the Hercules and Xena Warrior Princess television shows. The department expanded in staff and capabilities, and over time all the visual effects work for those shows shifted from off shore in Los Angeles to locally here in Auckland. After series six of Xena, the Visual Effects department continued as the independent entity that it is today.


PRPVFX offers all types of Animation, General Visual Effects, Matte Paintings & Rig Removal.

Talking Animals

PRPVFX has pioneered special techniques for creating talking animals, which involve camera tracking, 3D modeling, texture projection & lip-sync. We created 75 shots for the feature film Racing Stripes, which involved replacing lips and mouths of moving animals and replacing with CG lips

CG Characters

We can produce fully computer-generated characters in any shape, size or colour. Our cast of virtual characters to date includes robot dogs, guinea pigs (with fur), dinosaurs and purple monsters.


We can model virtual stunt doubles from photographic references and textures of real actors; our 'digidolls' are interchangeable with live action footage. Use a digidoll for stunts too dangerous for humans or too expensive to re-shoot. Digidolls can also augment stunt scenes, allowing the action to go beyond physical limits without using complex wire rigs.

Matte Paintings

We can create matte painting backdrops to set the scene when your story moves to a new location or to create a suitable landscape for your characters. Bluescreening allows your actors to move over the top of the matte camera tracking allows camera movement within the digital environment

Crowd Duplication

We can create large crowd scenes using just a handful of costumed actors. This usually involves filming a scene sequentially in multiple passes. Each portion of the scene is populated (usually by the same extras), and shot with the necessary bluescreen separation. We can also create multiple copies of a single actor - for example, to create indentical twins..

Rig Removal

We routinely remove all traces of wires and rigs from stunt footage, including footage shot from moving and slow-motion cameras. To extend the capacity of stunt artists (and to keep them safe), body harnesses suspended on wires from overhead rigging are used. The complexity of the required movement dictates the number of supporting and guiding wires.

Camera Tracking

We can add or subtract elements from your footage if you discover during the editing process that there's something missing or something that shouldn't be there! For example, we've added additional debris and dust to sequences that lacked the right sort of energy, and we've removed rolls of gaffer tape and spray bottles inadvertently left on set in full view of the camera.

Natural Phenomena

We can bring nature under control by creating natural effects digitally. Water and fire are particularly difficult to direct on set, and hard to fake in terms of scale. If your set involves an expensive miniature or rig, you can't afford for it to be damaged. PRPVFX uses special purpose particle simulation software for water, smoke and flame, offering unlimited re-shoots and no permanent destruction of sets or props (or actors!)

Holograms & Display Screens

We can create fully 3D futuristic holograms that can be animated and tracked into moving camera footage. We can also create or enhance virtual or on-set interface screens and high-tech gadgets.

Compositing & Retiming Footage

We can combine a background "plate" shot (from your location or a studio) with a bluescreen element to set your element in whatever location you wish. Various techniques are used to colour-match the two elements and layer one on top of the other. We can retime footage to appear faster or slower than the footage that was actually shot. Using automatic morphing techniques we can even retime to fractional frame-rates. This means that during the editing process, you can adjust the tempo of the cut, making difficult footage work without reshooting.


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